What I’m reading these days

I know I always talk about comics and music and what I’m reading and listening to in those terms, but even though I’m a big regular book nerd, I don’t mention those that often.  So what the fuck, here you go;

N. Katherine Hailes’ How We Became Posthuman – I got this to help beef up my raw glut of posthumanist theory and theoretical know-how for my MA thesis, and also just out of sheer casual curiosity.  I know, it’s incredibly fucking dorky that I’d read a non-fiction book on abstract theory that combines computer science, philosophy, and science fiction, but whatever.  There’s some fascinating stuff in here about the definition of cyberpunk-based posthumanism, something that I’ve been working on a lot these days in various aspects.

The Constant Rider Omnibus – A compilation/anthology of a ‘zine about public transportation and traveling, I got it to review ages ago for “Razorcake”, never got to it, reviewed it for myself on here, and still re-read every so often.  It’s fun, it’s funny, it’s cool.  I think Microcosm Publishing still has copies to sell, you can check that out if you want, I don’t feel like finding a link right now.

MLA Handbook, 6th Edition – OK I’m not really reading this these days, I just have it out and have been using it a lot more these days, I was correcting something in something regarding the format for large-scale quotations in academia a few days ago.  But it’s up on the stack of stuff along with the regular books that I’m regularly reaching for these days, so I figured I’d throw it in.  One of the absolute must-have tools for academia and writing nerds like me.

How To Write Articles for Newspapers & Magazines – I know, I know.  But I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to improve my writing style and technique because I have very little formal “writing” education, despite the fact that I’ve been writing for ages.  Personally, I think having style guides and books like this around if you’re going to work as a writer is important, even if you’re a regular writer and publisher.  Because it never hurts to be able to double-check just how some things work, sound, and look.

So, there you go.  Pretty fucking dorky, right?


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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