A few weeks ago I didn’t have any internet access one day while I was at the office, so one of the things I did was sit and listen to all the music I have saved on my work computer.  Compared to what I have at home it’s not much, and some of it I don’t have anywhere else because I’m a little more reckless when it comes to downloading music from recommendations and sites and whatnot.

Anyway, I sat and actually wrote down what I thought of each song as it came on with “RANDOM” activated on the media player, where I think it came from, why I like it, crap like that.  At the time I think I was looking for a way to kill some time.  Now I figured it’d be fun to put up, give you a sense of just what I think about when I listen to music.

*)Right now Rough Chukar is playing, I have no idea where I got this song from. The only reason I’m doing this is because I don’t have internet access right now so I figure I might as well try this. It’s not bad, sounds like practically everything on the No Idea Records roster, but not bad.

*)Now is Worn In Red, I remember this song because it’s from a split they did with Benard that I’ve written about before, it’s good stuff. Early-screamo/hardcore/post-hardcore stuff. It sounds sort of evil, I probably just put it on here right off my mp3 player to have to listen here, ‘cause it’s a good split EP.

*)Again, I have no clue where I got this next song, by some band called Whiskey Sunday. Gee what a surprise, rough vocals, rough life, yadda yadda yadda.

*)OK “Ache” by Jawbreaker is next, I like this song, even though it’s sad as fuck. I think I put a bunch of Jawbreaker on here just because it’s Jawbreaker and I can call them up real quick without having to worry with getting my mp3 player out of my bag and hooked up to the computer.

*)The Queers. They really really want to sound like the punk rock Beach Boys. I never understood that, but hey, one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, and sort of ballsy making fun of CBGB’s right when the legendary punk club was in its death throes.

*)I’ve written about Only Thunder, which is why they’re on here, I probably listened to the record here at work before reviewing it. I do like them, and remember listening to this album on my way to Ohio with Tessa for the first time. Sort of random, a good band to have in a soundtrack for a kung-fu movie, as weird as that sounds.

*)Go Bananas? Who the fuck is this band? They sound like Screeching Weasel or a bad Ramones-wannabe band.

*)Hey, Thrice! I like this band, this song is from The Artist And The Ambulance, which is a good album.

*)I have no clue where I got this Dirt Bike Annie song. I don’t even know anything about them or how I heard of them, this song’s just been on my computer for a while. Decent pop-punk stuff, something about kung-fu Shogun Warriors, Scooby Do? Whatever, it’s good.

*)Wow, haven’t listened to Pig Destroyer in a while.

*)Again, where did I get a Pinhead Gunpowder song? This band, while really good, is like barely on my radar for some reason. I have one album of theirs on my mp3 player, but this song isn’t on it, so where it came from is anyone’s guess. Probably from random internet browsing while bored here one day.

*)Oooh, “Earthtones” by No Trigger. This is a good song, an early one of theirs that I heard waaaaaaaay back and looked for forever. I was a big fan early on, then sort of forgot about them after a while but got back into them when I saw them live with Latterman a few years ago.

*)Just like Pinhead Gunpowder, I love the Ergs! and have an album of theirs, but this song isn’t on it. It’s got a weird hip-hop intro sampling. Whatever, I like it.

*)Lemuria are really good, they’re up now. Again, don’t think this song is on the album I have, but I do have random songs of theirs around, this band is phenomenal.

*)Now is “El Radio” by some band called Anchor Down, don’t know where this song came from. Catchy and fast though, I like it. It’s probably something someone sent me to listen to and review.

*)North Lincoln is playing now, I like this band. Probably the only band on No Idea that I like, probably because they’re not from FL or don’t sound like they wish they were country stars. Just good old-fashioned, straight-up fast melodic punk with the right amount of rough edge. Wow, that totally sounds like a press release or record review. Sorry about that.

So yeah, there you go.  I know I said “all” the music I have at work, and this isn’t really a lot.  I didn’t get to ALL of it per se, I eventually got bored enough with life to go clean the water cooler or move onto writing something else, or something like that.

You care.


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