Random Record Review – Shark Speed, “Sea Sick Music”


Shark Speed

Sea Sick Music

self-released (2009)

Shark Speed sound like a lot of the generic parts of “post-punk” and “dance-punk” bands I see on TV and hear in the wake of the last Against Me! record or Franz Ferdinand, and while I’m sure there’s an audience for this sort of thing, it really isn’t for me.  It seems a bit disjointed and unfocused, like they can’t tell if they’re some sort of artistic hipster darling band, or a  “soulful” rock ‘n roll band with straight riffs and three-chord beats.  And yes, I put “soulful” in quotations because I’m being a little sarcastic.  While it can definitely be energetic and a little toe-tapping, there really isn’t anything on Sea Sick Music that really  stands out to me and makes me go “hey, this might just be a little different from everyone else out there who’se got a lot of British bands in their record collection and has heard The Killers.”  I guess if you’re into stuff that can be thrown into the “indie” category, give this a listen.


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