random comic – “The Unwritten” #1

1242270598_cvrI got this for a dollar at Forbidden Planet. Vertigo charges $1 for number 1’s of new series, a practice that I think is totally badass.  I haven’t bought floppies in a while but I’ve been hearing so much good stuff about this that I decided to get this and check it out.  What’d I have to lose?

Mike Carey’s story about the son of a famous author whose whole life has had him being used as a model for his father’s Harry Potter-esque books is interesting.  Stories and their “power” are a huge part of this title, something that you have sort of seen a bit before in Fables and Jack Of Fables, but on a different level in that “the truth about books and characters and fairy tales” way.  Also it’s a little more “real-life”, where it seems like a key part of the magic and mystery of the story will involve how it interacts with reality, a case of tackling the “art imitating life or life imitating art”.

Normally I read a lot of capes ‘n cowls, sci-fi, and indie stuff, so while I like Vertigo this wouldn’t normally be in my radar if I wasn’t such a whore and read CBR all the time.  But yeah, so I really like this and I can’t wait for next month to get #2.  The art’s sharp, the cover’s awesome, and some random man on the subway asked me about it and told me he was a fan of comics back when he was a kid, what it was about, and that he liked to see that others still read floppies.


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