random comic – “100 Bullets” vol 1 ‘First Shot Last Call’

I’m totally late to this series, which just finished with issue 100 from Vertigo.


Holy fucking shit.  I cannot wait to read more of this.  I’ve been hearing about it forever but wasn’t sure if I wanted to try and jump in while it was going on fo so long, though I really think it was just an excuse I was telling myself for whatever reason, probably laziness.  Anyway, I really regret not reading this earlier despite all the praise it gets from people whose opinions I immensely respect, including and especially my girlfriend, who took the plunge into this first actually, since I’m lame and shit like that while she rules the schoolyard.  So anyway…

People try to pull “pulp” and “noir” off a lot, thinking that if Miller could do it with the Sin City stories (or tried to anyway) they can do it.  They fail.  Miserably.  Because this, from Brian Azzarello, is total pulp noir.  Down and dark and dirty, it’s got that same sense of harsh but not too fatalistic realism that I like in my literature.  Tess says it’s like reading a movie or a novel as opposed to a comic, and I agree.

The best way to describe this title is a practical and realistic morality tale that plays out as story arcs follow lives that have been wronged and as a result, are broken.  If a man came to you and, as the tagline on the back says, offered you a chance to get away with murder, would you take it?  Would you truly be amd_100able to take revenge against someone for ruining your life by taking theirs?  And what does it mean exactly that someone out there has the power to allow you to do that?  what are they trying to prove to you?  To themselves?

We have more trades coming in the mail, and can’t wait.  This is a story that I’m looking forward to reading, probably almost as much as my other total faves like DMZ and various Green Lantern stuff.  If you’re into good storytelling with hints of espionage and noir and…shit, if you’re into good comics period, you should read this.


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