random comic – Scott Pilgrim vol. 1, “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Life”

660-1 Just like 100 Bullets, I’m totally late to this series but having heard all sorts of good stuff about Bryan Lee O’Malley’s hilarious comic that’s being turned into a film from Edgar Wright, and finding out the premise of the film as I’ve been doing various news about filming for Shockya.com, I decided to check it out.

First off, I love kung-fu movies.  Like, before Ihad any sense of a social life I spent a lot of my weekends watching shitty dubs of kung-fu movies like the Once Upon A Time In China series, and even marathons of bad Dragonball and Dragonball Z translations.  And the fact that a huge part of this comic is over-the-top martial arts action combined with romance and comedy is probably the icing on th ecake.  To see that someone like O’Malley appreciates that as well and wants to ingetrate that honest love of the cheesiness that defined so many dorks like me is honestly, quite cool.

I mean among the dork heirarchy, guys who obsess over bad martial arts and samurai movies and fighting video games rank sort of low on the metaphorical lving-in-mom’s-basement totem pole, at least in my opinion, so it’s refreshing to see that celebrated.  All of a sudden in the middle of a somewhat hilarious and dorky story you get fucking Tekken-esque action and your brain, quite frankly, makes a “what the fuck?” turn before finally starting to process anything again for a while.

You know that the kids who love manga eat this shit up.  And I don’t blame them.  It’s the ridiculous manga premises that mix romance with comedy, but at the same time it’s actually got a sense of humor ingranined in it.  Also, it’s totally rock ‘n roll, and when a band is called Sex Bob-Omb, you can’t really go wrong, can you?

No, that’s right, you can’t.  Didn’t think so.


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