So what’s what

I’m back from Philly and been relaxing with Tess all day, doing computer organizing stuff, backing files up, and watching “Operation Repo”, which one of the most ridiculous shows ever.  It’s probably crazier that “Dog The Bounty Hunter”, and that’s sayin’ a lot.

I’ve got a lot of work coming up this week that isn’t really writing-related, plus I’ll be out of town this weekend, but there might be output before Friday when we take off for a few days, maybe music or comic stuff, as well as maybe some more news via Chomping On Dandelions or ruminations at All Hail Imminent Destruction!.  We’ll see, it’s shaping up to be a pretty cool summer, with another mini-vacation in July, as well as seeing Toxic Avenger The Musical at the end of the month, and who knows what else.

And yeah, I know one of the fundamental rules of blogging is to never apologize for not writing, but I’m not apologizing, trust me.  I just have a pathological need to write stuff down.  It’s why I go through Post-Its so fast.


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