random comic review – “The Losers”


You really need to find this and read this.  I’m 4 volumes in reading the trades and I’m totally fucking hooked, better than crack.

While it’s not necessarily a groundbreaking idea, it’s basically about the rogues getting revenge after a betrayal by their country, each having their own unique personalities and mannerisms as well as skill sets, and dead-set on finding out The Truth, with capital T’s.  All the while, dirty dirty things are going down, with one truly shadowy individual pulling every string as the Losers start playing the scissors in this whole thing.

Andy Diggle and Jock are my new favorite writer/artistic team, because the the-losers1whole thing just flows in every aspect, dialogue-wise as well as art-wise.  And while it’s a truly dense and intricate take on what seems like a fairly simple action premise, it never purposely too much, everything fits perfectly.

I have to admit, I sort of have a soft spot for straight-up action media.  I grew up on bad action movies and TV, and have always had a passing interest in spy and black ops stuff.  So this comic more or less is catering to that little kid in me, which is constantly squealing with joy when I read this.  I’m almost done with it and tdhe story is getting more and more intricate, but the great thing about it, which is the sign of a really fantastic writer, is that I don’t feel lost at all.  Everything makes sense, at least the stuff I’m supposed to know so far in the story.  I get the feeling that when this does totally unravel, it’s going to be huge.

I can’t wait.

The Losers has been picked up for film adaptation starring a bunch of cool people, including Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the lead role of Clay, the brooding leader of the former government agents who are itchin’ for revenge.  I’m sort of stoked for it.

Anyway, The Losers was unsurprisingly, from Vertigo, which is where I feel like all my comics are coming from these days.  If you can get it, which shouldn’t be too hard, get it, because it’s good clean ass-kicking and Shadow Cabal-blasting comic fun.

Get with it.


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