Listen to the sounds

Maybe a month ago I got really burned out on listening to music at the rate I usually did, which was daily (and all day while at that), so after the last few CD reviews I had do got cranked out, I more or less just stopped listening to music for a week solid.

I started listening again after a bit, but it’s been different.  For one work has also been incredibly hectic, keeping me using background noise that isn’t so focusing-intensive as music, like comic book and science podcasts (I know that doesn’t seem like it makes sense, but it works for me…for example as I write this I’ve got an episode of “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations” on YouTube playing).

Add travel on top of that (two weekends in a row) and time for music just hasn’t been in the cards.  Especially since a stack of comics and regular books have been coming my way these days so more often than not I just end up reading in the mornings, on my commute, and at night.

I find that I like it this way.  A week ago I think, I listened to Stay Home by Transit and The River Bed by Small Brown Bike.  At some point in since then also I had the new re-release version of the Beastie Boys‘ record Check Your Head.  I listened to that Transit record again yesterday at work, and today I got a bit of the Minutemen and Archers Of Loaf and Doomtree in.  But that’s it, and compared to the sheer amount of music that I’d consume and have going on around me before, that’s like a fraction of a percentage.

Anyway, for a moment when this moderately minor realization hit me, I actually worried that I was loosing touch with liking music.  I mean, a huge part of who I am is about music, about liking music and listening to music and to an extent, writing about music and what it does to me.

But then again, I realized that even when it comes to anything, even music, it’s about quality not quantity.  I know that seems obvious but too often in music it’s about the size.  How much vinyl you have, how big your library is, how volumnous your knowledge of music history is.  That sort of shit.  Most music nerds are like that, trust me.

I’m one of them.


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