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I was rereading DMZ volume 6 today, “Blood In The Game”. And I was thinking about why it’s, so far, my least-favorite of the trades.


I was reading it for the third or fourth time, and it hit me. It’s just as powerful, just as relevant, just as well-written, just as gut-wrenching as every other collection of this series, which is one of my favorite comics of all time.

I think that my reason for not liking it as much is because I can’t believe Matty, the protagonist, buys into Delgado’s rap so easily. I mean, not in a “this is so badly written I the dialogue sucks” way, but in a “come on dude, don’t buy this jive, you’re smarter than that Matty!” way.  Like we’re at the movies and I’m screaming at the screen thinking that the characters can hear me.  Which they can’t, and you have to watch them make their shitty decisions and live with the consequences.

Consequences that are going to royally fucking suck.  And they do suck, because Matty gets pulled into something that might end up burning not only him bad, but also the rest of the DMZ and people he cares about becaus e Delgado’s true colors are getting revealed.  And I connect with Matty so much through this book that it pains me to watch him fuck up like this and, in my eyes, get totally screwed over and taken advantage of.

You don’t want that for your favorite characters, you want them to, if not persevere, at least manage to maintain a sense of what is going on and know where they stand.  Matty thinks he does, and maybe according to Brian Wood he really does, but to me, I’m so on-edge about seeing where this goes, to me it seems like the set up to a massive and very cruel joke played on Roth.

Volume 7, “War Powers”, is out in September, and I’m very very stoked for it.  You should be too.


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One Response to vote DMZ!

  1. david says:

    I really need to pick up DMZ again. I started reading it month-to-month, but I do better with trades.

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