random comic review – “The Tourist”

tourist_gn A 2006 Brian Wood joint from Image Comics, I got this from my girlfriend as a birthday present.  It’s sort of in the vein of The Couriers, in that twist on renegades ending up as heroes when the chips are down and it comes down to doing the right thing, and kind of harkens back to a lot of the B-movies I’d watch when I was younger, shitty made-for-cable action films that were just bad imitations of JCVD and Seagal films with ex-commandoes, drug runners, mad skills…you know the drill, you’ve watched the same ones I did, don’t lie.

It’s a short and sweet burst without too many “trimmings”, I dig it more and more every time I reat it.  I think it’s because (and this is where my Brian Wood fanboyism kicks in) Wood’s the kind of writer who knows when to keep it minimalist in terms of extraneous plot description and dialogue, not spending too much time having the situation “described”.  You get the basic premise of the story, and it’s the way that the story is told that’s what’s good, not every single detail of the background.  Especially when it’s a short 104-page graphic novel about an AWOL American soldier on the run from among others, a drug deal gone bad.

I’m sort of a completist, but even if you’re not, it’s a cool story, and Toby Cypress’s almost sketch-like black and white art is really good, striking in some places, especially major contrasts of black and white (like scenes depicting nighttime).  Plus it’s from Image, and I like getting books that aren’t Big 2, they tend to be more interesting even if it’s just a simple adventure/action story like this.  Pick it up, I’m pretty sure it’s still moderately easy to find either in your shop or online.

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