Random Record Review – Paint It Black, “Amnesia” 7-inch


Paint It Black


Bridge Nine (2009)

My all-time favorite PIB album is Paradise, and while Paint It Black aren’t known for constantly going back to old material (the risks they took and that paid off in New Lexicon attest to that), but this sweet-as-fuck 7-inch totally reminds me of Paradise, anthemic and old-school sounding hardcore punk with no frills, no bullshit, and no fucking mercy.

This is a band that never fails to impress, ever, managing to convey personal pain and rage, political confusion and two-faced hypocricy, and a general sense of rage at the doom and gloom brought on by what’s just not fucking right.  I can’t even hone in on a single song because all 5 songs have rocketed past before you’ve even caught your breath from the first one.  If you thought that the Democrats taking the White House killed good music, think again.


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