Fathers, Sons

In honor of Father’s Day, I tracked this down, from Batman & The Outsiders special #1;


The relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred has always held a soft spot in my heart because it’s so heartwrechingly deep, and reading this and then later on (in Batman #687) when Alfred tells Superman “No sir, I am not.  My son has died” just tugs at your heart and highlights something that’s always an undercurrent of the Bat-books and the Bat-family in general, that of the surrogate family and the power of how a conventional “family” structure isn’t necessarily the “ideal”.

The ideal is a group of people who love and care for each other, and reading this you definitely know that Bruce/Batman loved Alfred as a son loving his father, and Alfred loved Bruce the way fathers love their sons.

So for all the sons and daughters out there, don’t wait ’til it’s too late.  And for all the fathers out there, you’re always appreciated and loved, even when they seem not to say it.


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