Comin’ up…

I’m home from what was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a while, “The Hangover”.  Felt like giving an update of sorts on what’s comin’ up here at Fistfight At The Arthouse, even though no one gives two shits as I watch “The Soup”.

*) A few more music reviews, including the self-titled Coffinberry album which I’ve had sitting on my work desk for a few weeks now.

*) A break as I spend a week in July on vacation, in a pool, at a party, playing with a dog, and not necessarily wearing any pants.

*) Maybe a hint to my secret project that I keep mentioning at random times while Twittering but I don’t really want to spoil yet because it’s in a total fetus/pre-infant stages.

*) More stupid comic-book stuff that according to the stats, no one reads but me but I still keep writing because that’s just how I roll, yeah…

*) Information on a project I’m not directly involved in but you should get in on because it’s connected to some very cool people and is about something very interesting.  It’s indie media-related, I can tell you that.


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  1. worshiptheram says:

    Secretive bastard

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