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sick Microcosm Publishing is releasing a very cool ‘zine called “Sick”, by Ben Holtzman, which you need to get your hands on.

“Sick” collects peoples’ experiences with illness to help establish a collective voice of those impacted within radical/left/DIY communities. The zine is meant to be a resource for those who are living with illness as well as those who have not directly experienced it themselves. Contributors discuss personal experiences as well as topics such as receiving support, providing support, and being an informed patient. These writings are meant to increase understandings of illness and further discussion as well as action towards building communities of care.

Sort of in the same vein as “The Worst”, this zine is a compilation of stories and contributions about dealing with illness and sickness and how it not only affects your physical body, but also your mental well-being.

If you’re in the New York area, a reading is being put together for sometime this summer featuring some of the contributors to “Sick”, including (and this is of course why I mention this all), my beautiful and talented (despite whatever she tells you) girlfriend Tessa, aka the Broad of the Dead.  I’ll mention specifics about it when I find out.

Until then, go to Microcosm’s site linked above, and get it.


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