Random Record Review – Coffinberry, “Coffinberry”




Collectible Escalators/Central Command Center (2009)

The first things that come to mind when the first news of “lorena” from the self-titled Coffinberry album start to play are “wow, I’ve totally heard this before”.  It’s not an automatic condemnation necessarily, but the similarities to the softer side of the Replacements, Pinback (now that they’re all country), and my least-favorite band since the Nazi Party’s house band broke up, Wilco (oh, be quiet, it’s no secret I can’t stand that band), are pretty obvious.

It’s not terribly done, the instrumentation’s spot-on and the production is great, but there’s just something unoriginal and lacking energy about this that I really can’t see myself listening to it for 14 songs, though I guess on a slow and slightly depressing night where all I’ve got is ice cubes and Dewar’s (no more Jack for me these days, that shit is poison), I could put a few songs from this into a mix I’ve got spinning when I need a “country” song.


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