Random Record Review – Title Fight, “The Last Thing You Forget”


Title Fight

The Last Thing You Forget

Run For Cover Records (2009)

Title Fight‘s Kingston 7-inch was one of the most refreshing things I’d heard in a while, getting better every time I listened to it.  And holy shit, this is a pretty great follow-up.  Picking up the same fast-paced and energetic melodic hardcore that screams love, hate, and being young and frustrated, The Last Thing You Forget takes a few more risks that I think pay off in terms of pacing, not simply depending on straight 1-2-3 fast-paced songs that are over in a minute and a half.  “Neck Deep” is probably one of the best melodic hardcore songs I’ve heard in a while and my favorite song on the record right now, but that’s subject to change because I’m sure I’ve got a few more spins of this in the immediate future.

Plain and simple, it’s a full-length offering from Title Fight, and if you’re a fan of earnest and no-frills music that kicks you in the chest while still hitting all those emotional notes at just the  right moment, you should be into this band and get on this shit.  Seriously.


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