Random Record Review – Castevet, “Summer Fences”



Summer Fences

Count Your Lucky Stars (2009)

This has a definite feel of early Hot Water Music and the album Our Own Wars by Small Brown Bike, both of which are absolute favorites of mine.  At the same time though there’s less of an “edge” in this, with a lighter feel that brings to mind almost poppy/folk music, with atmospheric and borderline “spindly” notes as opposed to straight riffs for melodies.  Still, it manages to stay right on the edge of the line without crossing over.

Summer Fences has the potential to be a fantastic summer record (I swear I didn’t mean for that to sound like a pun), and for Castevet to become a definite favorite of mine, with just a sweet post-punk/post-hardcore sound that doesn’t abandon the intensity and heart that makes music so great.  Sparse but heartfelt-when-it-counts vocals, great musicianship, and that sense of musical maturity without pretenious hangups that’s all-too-rare…it’s got ’em all.  I’m hoping for awesome shit in the future from this band.


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