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I’ve recently been very stoked on DC’s blog The Source and subsequent spin-offs The Bleed (for Wildstorm titles) and Graphic Content (for Vertigo stuff). They’re probably the best way to stay on top of stuff coming out of DC and those imprints.

Personally, I think the continued existence of Standard Attrition, a sort of informal shared blog various Vertigo creators like Jason Aaron, Brian Wood, Brian Azarrello, Jeff Lemuire, and Jock, has proven that that sort of model works pretty well, probably better than press releases to news sites, because even big news gets buried. Also, out-of-context previews or art and notes and scripts through there, and peaks at art and stuff from previous series that was never seen before, you can get that sort of stuff out of there too.

And that’s what tends to bring guys (i.e. nerd fanboys) like me to sites like that. We’re looking for more than just announcements of what’s new in stores this month or regular previews.  I personally like seeing rough art previews, notes from the creative process…I like seeing the creative process behind stuff I like.  I think I’ve watched the behind-the-scenes stuff from the “Iron Man” movie as many times as I’ve seen the movie, and I’ve got the super-deluxe DVD version of it.

Personally, I think DC cracked it, they managed to pin down exactly how to fully utilize the concept of blogging to their advantage, something companies and newspapers are struggling to do because of the aspect of it that’s working here.  It’s not just a virtual newspaper or radio where you can treat it the same as a conventional mainstream news outlet, it’s also a digital notebook.  A dumping ground for all sorts of material, disseminating it to a fanbase to keep them interested.

After all, if all your material is more or less the same every time, it’s gonna get boring.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not gonna read it, it just means it’s not oging to stand out amongst all the shit people read online.  And they read a lot.  I know I do, I read the web almost all day.

Whatever,  I’m just rambling.


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