Random Record Review(s) – Tigers Jaw, Rapid Cities


Tigers Jaw

Spirit Desire EP

Tiny Engines (2009)

The thing I like about Tigers Jaw is that they’ve managed to maintain a freshness to their dark and mature pop sound, which is tough because it’s easy to fall into a generic and almost monotone rut of the post-punk “pop” route a lot of indie bands fall into at times.

Tigers Jaw has managed to maintain an interesting sound and keep me entertained, and I’m picky when it comes to stuff that falls under the “indie” category.  They push the envelope but still stay recognizable as good music, actually sorta perfect for a rainy day, if you think about it.


Rapid Cities

Machine Saints

Love/Hate (2009)

It’s dissonant, anguished, and melodic all at the same time.  Machine Saints by Rapid Cities is like all the best parts of my favorite Revolution Summer DC bands of the 80’s all rolled into a single band.  I really didn’t think bands like this existed anymore beyond the fantasies of art-school weirdos who THINK they sound like this and instead just give me migraines.

Machine Saints isn’t like that at all.  It’s terrifyingly damn close to a perfect post-hardcore/punk album, with an edge that’ll cut you like a prison shiv in the kidneys while you’re in the dinner line over that one cigarette you traded for a blo…nevermind, just get your hands on it.  It’s just really, really, really, good.


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