Something happened yesterday while Tess and I were at Forbidden Planet that I forgot to mention earlier;

We went up to the counter and I asked about titles in the vein of Black Hole, and the girl behind the counter was so stoked that we actually had taste and didn’t ask about “bad comics” (I didn’t say anything about how I like Wildcats) led to a discussion about comics and Clowes and how awesome Black Hole was, as well as spiraling into someone insisting I track down Tom Strong and how Top 10 is what The Boys wishes it could be.  It was, as I said, the kind of discussion I sort of always wanted to have in a comic book shop but really haven’t.

It was a pretty awesome little moment.

Also, if you were looking for issue #1 of Chew from Image Comics but didn’t find it because it ran out and you haven’t been able to find the second printing, a B&W version of that issue, in full, is attached to the latest issue of The Walking Dead.

It’s what I got (I got it for Chew, not TWD, which I’m not a huge fan of), and holy shit is it amazing.  I’d do a full review of it but the whole issue is basically a setup of Tony Chu’s powers and how they work (one scene towards the end where Tony basically succumbs is amazing and totally threw me), and the the world they live in (here’s a hint, getting a bucket of KFC costs more than your car, and making chicken soup can get you a few years in jail).  If you can find it, get it.

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