Random Record Review – Over Stars And Gutters, “Consider This Your Curse”


Over Stars And Gutters

Consider This Your Curse

Self-Released (2009)

Honestly, I have to admit that this sounds nothing like I thought it would.  The name sort of threw me a bit…there, I admitted it, I made a shallow mistake.  Happy?  Anyway, it’s a really pleasant surprise.  Over Stars And Gutters borrow A LOT from the likes of HWM, Dillinger 4 and Off With Their Heads, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The rough vocals screaming themselves raw, honest songs about self-destruction, confusion, and growing old, the melodic but nowhere near “safe” or pop guitars, it’s raw and ready punk rock that’s down for either drinks on the porch or singalongs in the basement, depending on your mood.

Give OSAG some time to pull away from sounding so much like their influences and gain a bit of their own voice, and this band could be fucking fantastic.  I know it’s a cliche of beards and beer and black t-shirts, but if you’re into that sound with a slightly less sarcastic and more honest voice, then this is definitely for you.  Also, they’re fom Oklahoma, and when do you get a chance to listen to some bitchin’ punk rock from there?  Get on it.


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