Laptop Halp!

This is where I ask the multitude of readers of Fistfight At The Arthouse for help;

I’m going to ask for recommendations of computers/laptops/netbooks. I’m not going to get a goddamn Mac, but I need a laptop so I can write, listen to music, read Comic Book Resources  and Wired and LOLDogs, watch videos (like mothafuckin’  “Spaced” on!), use Twitter, and save stuff (I keep backups on a separate hard drive and everyday flash drive, but that’s secondary copies, not a primary one)…the usual.

I’ve considered getting a simple netbook and shift to keeping vast tracts of stuff on separate hard drives at home (hopefully later on in life I’m thinking about shifting to a netbook and desktop-at-home setup), but right now I need to be able to reach everything within a single machine as opposed to plugging into an external drive to get to stuff.

Right now I use a Dell laptop at home, it’s an Inspiron 6000 that’s a few years old with a busted corner of the screen.  I like Dells, though I’m open to switching to say, a Vaio (which the GF uses) or an HP (though my previous laptop was an HP and it gave me a lot of shit).

So, go ahead and post comments here with recommendations!  It’s not a decision I’m going to be doing right now, but these past few months have made me realize that this is something that’ll probably be happening sooner or later.


About Costa

I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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