Head out for a pint, yeah?

So I have to admit, until like two weeks ago, I’ve never seen “Spaced”.

I know, I know, somewhat sacriligious, especially considering I love Shaun Of The Dead, but I’ve never tracked it down before, and it only recently (in the past year or so) came to the US on DVD.

Holy shit…

Tess made the observation that having watched that TV series now, Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz are more immediately apparent as extended episodes of that show.  Also, it’s interesting to see how “geek” culture (Simon Pegg’s character of Tim in particular) is done.  It’s no “The Big Bang Theory” which, despite being a cool show, is still greatly dependent on the archetype of the socially inept nerd geek type as not just a balance against other character tropes that have been beaten to death more than a rotting horse carcass, like the blank-eyed blonde girl or her brainless and cruel and muscle-bound boyfriend.

Whatever.  It doesn’t depend on stereotypes and cliches of writing, is what I was trying to get across here, sorry for going off-track.  Instead it’s genuinely funny and (I think) portrays real friendships and real relationships, and seeing as how much TV writing is about shit situations that’d never happen.  When Brian tries to lie to his mother about being a laywer and then caves in and tells her he’s an artist actually, there’s no hilarious lead-up to the revelation, he just takes a breath and says “Mum, there’s something I have to tell you…” and tells her.  Just like that, plain and simple.

And that’s something you don’t see in TV these days, at least not in comedic writing.  So yeah…if you’ve thought about getting into “Spaced”, it’s available on Hulu.com (both seasons), it’s on DVD with a shit-ton of great features that I’ve still not yet gotten all the way through.


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