all I wanna do is…

I hopped on a skateboard a few days ago for the first time in a couple of years, maybe 3 or 4 I think.  I got my old board, an Alien Workshop deck, from momma K’s basement because I’d been getting the itch again and figured it might be goodnoname exercise.  I wasn’t gonna be popping up to grind on a car hood or kickflip off the curb (which I could never do), but just ride for a while a few times a week at most, just cruise.

I have, at the bitter age of 26, lost every iota of balance that I used to have, completely. I was never very good on a board, even at my “peak”, but I could at least feel comfortable on it, just riding and rolling around.  I used to love skateboarding and took every chance I got to go, even at the risk of getting caught by the po-po a couple of times.

I made it less than three blocks at a leisurely pace down the street before realizing just how fucking bad I looked, and how uncomfortable I felt.  I could not believe how much I’ve lost and how embarrassed I felt walking back up the last block to my apartment.

Part of me realizes that a little practice would get me back to a semblance of a level of balance I used to have (at night when no one is around to watch me as I struggle to maintain my balance rolling down the street), but part of me also wonders if this is just a sign that I wasn’t meant to get back into it.

As much as I owe to punk rock and to literature, i also owe a lot to skateboarding as a kid, I met a lot of very cool people when I’d skate, I met a lot of people who didn’t judge me on my clothing, the fact that I was a skinny nerd, or the fact that I looked all doofy and shit (I actually ride doofy-footed), I was just another kid with a board who was willing to climb fences to get into schoolyards,  give a middle finger to a cop, and not do “regular” sports (mostly because I sucked at them).

I don’t know, I guess we’ll see what happens,  because I’ll probably be trying again.  When there aren’t people around in the streets.  Wish me luck.


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One Response to all I wanna do is…

  1. Dabe says:

    I think you should get back out there man. I’ve been skating for years and I used to think of giving up and just stopping every once and awhile because 1) I’m not a kid anymore and 2) I’m huge and awkward looking on a board. I’m glad I got passed all that because these days I hit the park every other day and cruise it and do the very small amount of tricks I have in my bag and there’s nothing that clears my head better.

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