Random Record Review – The Kids United, “Of Ghosts” EP

Of Ghosts Cover

The Kids United

Of Ghosts

self-released (2009)

I’ve known about The Kids United for a little while but this was my first chance to sit down and listen to a few songs in a row as opposed to just scattered through my daily (or weekly) pool of music listened to.  On my way to work this morning, I put this on my MP3 player and was pleasantly surprised by Of Ghosts, a smattering of songs from this Ohio-based melodic punk band.

The plain and simple down-low on this band and this EP is that this sounds like all my favorite bands.  It’s not the most original sound in the universe but it’s a sound that I’m familiar with and feel comfortable with and in the end can always fall back on.  Fast and emotional but with the edge of never having completely abandoned listening to hardcore records, The Kids United are a mixture of 90’s emo and melodic punk rock with touches of pop.  If that’s the case then this is defiintely something to keep an eye on.


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