Random Record Review – Where The Land Meets The Sea, “Listen For The Gulls”


Where The Land Meets The Sea

Listen For The Gulls EP

self-released (2009)

Surprisingly melodic and smooth and clearly leaning on the synths here, Where The Land Meets The Sea is no pop project, more leaning towards a more upbeat almost dancy rock sound.  It’s not too poppy, but it’s not dark and ambient either, having that uplifting but still occasionally heartbreaking and almost desperate sound that reminds me a lot of Zolof The Rock ‘N Roll Destroyer, The Postal Service, Slingshot Dakota, and The Wonder Years, bands that definitely manage to combine emotional lyrics and themes into very non-“emo” sounds.

Listen For The Gulls is a great EP, I’m really pleasantly surprised by it, though by looking at the pedigree of the members of this band (including The Cold Beat, Smoke Or Fire, Lock And Key), I shouldn’t be.  My only little thing would be that I don’t think that the band should necessarily be reliant on sample clips  in every single song, but that’s just me, I think that they can definitely stand on their own and can’t wait to hear more from them.  Even if they are from Boston, home of my family’s hated enemies the Red Sox.


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