Random Record Review(s) – Setting The Woods On Fire, The Cloud I’m Under, Get Back Loretta


Setting The Woods on Fire


Promise! Promise! (2009)

Great shades of blackened Satanic heavy metal, Batman!

Nah, I’m just kidding.  Setting The Woods On Fire are a post-punk/hardcore band from Warsaw (that’s in Poland), and once again I’m sorta surprised at just how much potential bands that aren’t American can have (me being a fan of Stolen Bikes Ride Faster from Italy is one example).

I’d guess the best way to describe them is in comparing them to bands, but even then, saying that they definitely draw on The Casket Lottery, Pavement, Seaweed, Unsane, and Big Black doesn’t do them justice, because there is a unique sound on their self-titled full-length that has some definite potential, once they break out the habit that young bands have of sounding A LOT like the bands in their record collection.  It’s a risk I hope these guys take.

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The Cloud I’m Under

Ears Ringing/Hearts Full/Pockets Empty

self-released (2009)

When did I start listening to techno again?  And how the hell did I not notice what this was supposed to be when I said I’d review it?

Whatever…The Cloud I’m Under is, I guess, dance music/techno that sounds like a laptop and a keyboard had sex in some up-and-coming DJ’s mom’s basement.  Honestly, this would probably be a lot better as part of a larger whole (maybe in something ambient/tech-backed post-hardcore or metal) without the odd in-and-out whining and whinging that I’m guessing is meant to be vocals.


Get Back Loretta

Where did You Go?

self-released (2009)


Piano and guitar-driven indie/pop rock with trembling vocals, Where Did You Go? by Get Back Loretta isn’t BAD per se.  They all sounds like solid musicians and singers, it just…it sounds sort of generic, the type of music that sounds like it’s aiming for “bigger” things like radio play and mainstream appeal, not to mention that each song sort of sounds the same and kind of goes on for too long.  If you’re not going to be taking big risks music-wise, then 4 minutes is probably too long for a song.

The press release here makes mention of 60’s rock and 70’s soul, but this sort of just sounds like Maroon 5 with a different singer.  If that’s sort of your thing, then go for it, otherwise, don’t bother.


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One Response to Random Record Review(s) – Setting The Woods On Fire, The Cloud I’m Under, Get Back Loretta

  1. Thanxs for your reviews – loved the one on The Cloud I’m Under …

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