Random Record Review – Into It. Over It., “52 Weeks”


Into It. Over It.

52 Weeks

No Sleep (2009)

Write and record one song a week for a whole year?  Yeah, totally not ambitious at all!

This is…I don’t even really know how to start on this.  I mean just the scope of the project itself is pretty ambitious, and beyond that, the great pop/emotional punk rock sound from sometimes nothing more than a single guitar, all the way to a full backing band.  Evan Weiss, the brain behind Into. It. Over. It. manages to cover an incredibly wide range on 52 Weeks without trying to hard or doing what he wasn’t comfortable with, almost too much to really process during a single sitting.  It took me like three days to listen to this whole thing, but I enjoyed every song.

Musically, what first comes to mind here is the same honest and diary-like songwriting that made me love bands like Kind Of Like Spitting, painful and funny at the same time, which in the end is usually the best kind.

It’s both a successful experiment and a really awesome (double) record, so definitely pick it up if you get a chance to.


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I'm a writer, teacher, baseball fan, old punk, and avid reader.
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One Response to Random Record Review – Into It. Over It., “52 Weeks”

  1. Leor says:

    These guys are fantastic… thanks for consistently finding some great bands out there!

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