Random Record Review – Sam Goodwill, “Stampede” EP


Sam Goodwill

Stampede EP

Oh! No! (2009)

Dissonant, angular, very much in the veins of These Arms Are Snakes and later Refused, but at the same time a touch melodic…Sam Goodwill are good shit.

The Stampede EP could be ambient background music, but at the same time roart to the forefront and definitely grab your attention.  There’s a mix of things going on here, including a definite soul, almost funk, influence that definitely separates them from a glut of other bands that try to mix post-rock and electronic.  And I think that that’s why it works, being a vein of influence in there as opposed to a lot of bands I hear these days that claim a “soul” background but in reality, just rip on some Detroit rock riffs with the bass levels higher than usual for mainstream music.

Honestly, I don’t know how to just straight-up define Sam Goodwill, but I can say that I definitely like it.  It’s easy to lose yourself in this as the whole thing flows, and not in a bad “every song sounds the same way”.  Rather, it’s more of a hypnotic sound that draws you in and definitely grabs your attention.


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One Response to Random Record Review – Sam Goodwill, “Stampede” EP

  1. mark slater says:

    hi there!
    thanks for stoppin’ by mah blog. i did like the interview – very nice.
    thanks too for the kind words regarding “S&W”! glad you dig it. 🙂

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