the state of things

I realized that I used to do a lot more here at Fistfight At The Arthouse.  “Album Tales”, funny stories that were actually true, I started doing my own weirdo version of comic book “reviews” and commentary, I do music reviews too (or rather, still), I had a feature in the works that was going to include other contributors, I had all sorts of shit I did and wanted to do here.  Instead, I’ve dropped doing stuff as my writing priorities and workloads have changed.

I’ve always been fascinated with the evolution of blogs and how personal journals that give hints into personal lives to the World Wide Web transform over time.  Writers and artists use them as workbooks and worklogs to display creations in progress, they’re alternatives to DIY/underground publishing, and some just start out unsure and end up staying unsure, random dumps for all sorts of material.  Supposedly the randomness of a lot of sites is taboo if you want to be a “successful” internet presence (read; blogger), but I sort of like it.  I mean, I’m like that on here, obviously.

I consider this less a “blog” as much as a homebase, an internet notebook that sort of acts like a more media-rich version and flexible of the moleskines I carry around.  Ideas and fun stuff get jotted down, but at the same time it’s a practical and somewhat refined tool.  I can whip out my notebooks and you can get a sense of who I am, what I do, just like you can click your way here and get that same sense, not from a description in an “ABOUT” page (though I do have one of those) but from the content, a peak into my head.

untitled I swore I’d never become one of “those” Twitter users.  I had grand designs when I initially caved in and got one because I thought I’d be using it as a tool of “nu-journalism” and whatnot, just another outlet to help expand my online DIY publishing ring.

Yeah, that didn’t really happen.

I mean, I do, I advertise every time I make a significant post on here at Twitter (like this one), and I try to use it to get interesting links out there and follow and blah blah blah…

The best thing to come out of Twitter?  It’s probably the most interesting wave of fandom and creatordom in comic books, and I follow A LOT of writers and artists through there.  It’s interesting to note that Twitter itself has sort of become, part of forming “an internet notebook”.

I know a guy (OK, I know a few guys) but I know a guy, a photographer who as of right now works with no real single online presence to act as a “portfolio”.  However, he operates through an e-mail address, a Flickr account, and a Twitter account.  And while I know he’s working on creating his own site, I honestly don’t think it’s totally necessary.  Similarly, I know another photographer who DOES sort of have an online presence (a Blogger site) but also works through Twitter and Flickr.

This doesn’t really have a point, I think it’s just me half-assing through some sort of unwarranted justification of the state of my site here and why I still do some stuff, but don’t do other things.  Take from what what you will.

Or take nothing from it and just berate me in the comments section like everyone seems to do in this piece I wrote on here a while back about this TV show called “Sci-Fi Ninja Theater”.


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One Response to the state of things

  1. nicolelavonne says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Costa. I stumbled upon your posting while sitting here wondering why the hell I have two blogs, started on the same day about a month ago, 1 entry each, and a Twitter account started on the SAME day with…yes – just one entry as well. And I have a website, and a bunch of notebooks, etc. I am trying to figure out how to tick items off my to-do list and accomplish some of these long-standing goals that I have set with regards to writing, starting my own entity, contributing to humanity, art, and culture…

    Your post has inspired me to 1. write to you to say “I get it!”, and 2. to just write something – anything on my own empty blogs. Hopefully soon I’ll have something on there that’ll resonate with you and/or some other person out there searching for SOMETHING.


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