Random Record Review – Nakatomi Plaza, “Ghosts”

Nakatomi Plaza


self-released (2009)

For the most part these days, I don’t listen to as much music as I used to, but when I do most of it is what’d probably be defined as “post-hardcore”.  It’s what I like and look for in music, a mix of raw energy with maturity and emotion and prowess that makes it a step above from the glut of stuff out there that get categorized as “punk” or “hardcore”.

Nakatomi Plaza have been together touring and recording for a while now, I’ve seen them live a few times and with Ghosts, their last record before the band bows out, they definitely manage to create that near-perfect record, a balance between technical prowess, dual and dueling vocals, and powerful emotion and energy.  And when you consider the sound that’s coming out of a three-piece, it’s pretty incredible.  I’ve listened to Ghosts a few times back-to-back since I got my hands on it, it’s amazing and a total pick-me-up sort of album that definitely gets my blood pumping, especially in the (very) sluggish mornings when the last thing I need is to be alert.


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