random comic review – “Whiteout”


A) Greg Rucka is the shit.

B) See A above.

C) I love Rucka’s writing, there’s a movie about this comic coming out soon that I think will be interesting, so I decided to jump on this shit and got volumes 1 and 2 of Rucka’s Whiteout from Oni Press at Forbidden Planet this past weekend.

Both volumes of Whiteout are great one-two punches of action, crime story, glimpses into the very isolated world of working and “living” at the South Pole, and a little drama, with enough human emotion and interplay, which Rucka and artist Steve Lieber perfectly managed to get across.  It’s easy to see how Rucka went from this to the amazing comic Queen & Country.

Anyway yeah, this was some great good clean fun, and I’m sure I’ll be going back to rereading either books in the future.  Now with the movie coming out the two volumes are easier to get, though I’d seen them around shops before, I think that’s how I initially knew of it.  BUT, I will say that this is probably the first time I’ve ever been somehow inspired by a movie to go get the comic book it’s based on (though part of that is being a fan of Rucka’s comic book writing).

Whatever, I’m talking out my ass, I think you should just go get Whiteout and read it and enjoy it.  I did.


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