Random Record Review – Billy Wallace, “The Road Spit Me Out”


Billy Wallace

The Road Spit Me Out

Uneasy Records (2009)

I really want to love this.  I do, I swear.

The Road Spit Me Out by Billy Wallace, who’s played in The Wading Girl and with Tim Barry (of motherfuckin’ Avail), is a solo effort that is described as being recorded in various bedrooms and home studios all over America, and the country and occasional Americana influences are definitely in there, as well as the atmosphere of someone trying to stretch their musical legs to see what feels comfortable and fits right.

Try as I might though, and I’ve been trying all goddamn day, I can’t really love this.  Part of it is me being really picky about “country” music and, but I guess the big thing here is that this record seems to stretch beyond just being a folk/country album and deviates into a more “country-rock” feel, and I can’t help feeling like this is just another entry in the category of guys from punk bands below the Mason-Dixon line who want to show off that they indeed grew up on country music and can mention all the right things, from references to the road, alcohol, pain, suffering, etc.

If Billy can get off the tropes and cliches of country music, this could be way better, because when it’s just him and that guitar and no attempts at twangs and songs about bein’ dusty from the road or whatever, it’s good.  I’d be stoked to hear what else he can come up with.


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