random comic review – “The Couriers” & “Couscous Express”

couscous express brian woodI have both listed here because Couscous Express is basically the informal beginning of Brian Wood’s miniseries The Couriers, which is like every bike courier’s wet dream of gunfire combined with a John Wu HK film.

It’s amazing, and all three of the books (four if you count Couscous Express) detail the explosion-laden adventures of Moustafa and Special, who’ll apparently do anything for the right price including collect a semen sample from high-profile eligible bachelors for obsessive single ladies wanting a baby donor, kick the living shit out of a double-crossing upstate New York white power militia, and battle renegade Red Chinese army elements smuggled into the US to assassinate a mysterious little girl.

It’s been a long time since I put a pair of rollerblades but if I’d known that I could have parlayed that into a career as an urban courier/soldier of fortune who gets to eat lots of Asian and Middle Eastern food and shoot guns and all that, I’d have ditched COURIERSschool and writing and kept up with my “blading” skills and eventually learned how to shoot and fight and become an all-around badass as opposed to the out-of-shape guy in a beard and Minor Threat shirt I am today.

Oh well, I can always dream.

Anyway, yeah, I have all three volumes of The Couriers as well as Couscous Express (AIT/PlanetLar) and they’re great, you should get them if you enjoy unique takes on great action stories and writing.  Like really, what more do you need in life?


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