I’ve come up with a theory about those Progressive Insurance commercials, with that woman all in white, Flo?

Dan Slott’s recent Mighty Avengers, which is totally cool (come on, US Agent screamin’ “Freaking Nazi!”, how cool is that?) has the team operating from a base of operations that basically sort of existing in between time and space.  Their base, the Infinite Avengers Mansion or whatever, has avatars of Jocasta, the robotic Avenger, existing in all directions in this space, to aide and do whatever to help the World’s Greatest Heroes out. She simultaneously exists at multiple places within the space.

ANYWAY, that got me to wondering about those Progressive commercials.  “Flo” (played by Stephanie Courtney) and how she seems to always exist and float around within the all-white space, talking to people.

What if she’s like Jocasta?  She’s actually an avatar of a higher non-corporeal consciousness that can manifest multiple bodies all around the space that is the Progressive-verse?  That explains how she can be in so many places and commercials at once!  Think about it, it totally makes sense!

OK, there was my nerd thought of the day.


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