I try to save a life a day… usually it’s mine.

You know what I really miss and was thinking about recently?  Farscape.

My brother turned me onto this show.  And holy shit, this totally makes up for all the times he got me in trouble or something like that when we were kids.

First off, Jim Henson Company aliens/outfits/sets/everything, so it’s such a visual treat it’s almost a waste to watch it on TV.  Never in all my years of watching science fiction and horror on TV have I seen such amazing FX.

Secondly, before Battlestar fuckin’ Galactica got all the nerds saying “frak” as a stand-in for “fuck”, Farscape had “frell”.  I was saying “Frellin’ shit!” way before everyone was masturbating furiously like dweeb monkeys over Tricia Helfer and inserting “frak” into everyday life.

The main point really here though, is that this show had some of the most wild and amazing writing I’d ever seen in sci-fi.  It was ridiculous and space opera-y in scope and scale, but at the same time so humane and intimate in character development, it didn’t take me much time to get caught up after jumping in mid-series.

The most important thing that it did though, which I really loved (and again here I talk shit about BSG) was that it stood alone.  Political allegory in fiction, especially science fiction, is so hard even when it’s done masterfully, that I don’t really think it can necessarily age that well, unless of course you’re looking at it in non-political ways (the comic book DMZ by Brian Wood, one of my favorites, gets this by portraying characters and the whole situation in a humanist drama rather than straight political allegory).

I’m glad that they eventually wrapped up the series with the miniseries “Farsape: The Peacekeeper Wars” and now continuing the adventures of the crew of Moya in comic book form (by Wildstorm) but man, rushing home to watch episodes of this in my early days of college ruled, and this show was just amazing.  It’s a shame it hasn’t been rerun somewhere, there were four seasons of episodes, you could definitely do some runs on cable (like Syfy or Chiller or TNT) and get an audience.


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One Response to I try to save a life a day… usually it’s mine.

  1. rawhidekid says:

    I really liked Farscape but somewhere in season 3 it lost me. I did sort of caught up for the end but I think I missed a couple episodes. I think the cast changed up too much and I didn’t care for the new crew members towards the end. I like Farscape cause of the drama but it started to get too silly. Overall it was a fun series but BSG is hands down my favorite show.

    I didn’t give Battlestar Galactica a chance at first cause I thought BSG was the reason Farscape got canceled. Also the old Battlestar Galactica was so bad. Later I got around to watching a episode(Downloaded) on a BSG marathon and I was hooked. Like how The Wire raised the bar for crime shows. I think BSG raised the bar for scifi shows. Its now ok for Scifi to be more drama. I’ve been hearing from friends that the new Stargate is taking a more serious page out of BSG’s book.

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