random comic review – “Batman: Private Casebook” trade hardcover

batman-private-casebookI like looking as Dustin Nguyen’s art.  It’s amazingly pretty.

There, I said it.  That’s the primary reason I got this, though combined with Paul Dini’s writing, this is a great little sampling of the Caped Crusader’s adventures in the past few years.

Obviously being pre-“Batman RIP” and “Battle For The Cowl” (though there is a little RIP reference in there with the passing mention of Jezebel Jet), Bruce Wayne here wraps up the business of Ra’s al Ghul, deals with the new Scarface, and more.

You do need at least a passing knowledge of some Batman going-ons in the past few years to get alot of stuff in here, I will say that.  It’s bridging the gap between “The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul” and the stuff that triggered the “death” of Bruce Wayne, like “Batman RIP” and “Final Crisis”.

Regardless, Nguyen’s art here is amazing, the way he uses both fluid depictions of movement and angular designs of characters, not to mention the colors and inks that create these great shadow/contrasts (done by Derek Fridolfs and John Kalisz), it’s very Mignola/Jock-esque.

And of course, Dini is one of my favorite and one of the best Bat-writers I’ve read.  I love the way he keeps the balance of superheroics and dark crime here in synch.  He needs to stay outta TV (like “Lost”) and in comics forever.  Someone at DC needs to get on that (though he is now not only writing for the cartoon “Batman: The Brave & The Bold”, but also for a bunch of other Batman titles, so hooray!).

If you’re a Batman fan, you should get this.  If you’re vaguely familiar with the Bat’s background, you should get this.  If you’re not but are interested in Batman and just some great mystery writing and amazing art, get this.  If you just like really cool art, get this.

Get my drift?


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