Random Record Review – Perfect Future, “S/T”

Perfect Future


Count Your Lucky Stars (2009)

Yeah, I don’t get it.  In theory an interesting indie and emo-oriented band that’s utilizing the sort of hidden potential only a power trio is really capable of having, there’s just something off about this that keeps me from genuinely liking it.  Maybe it’s the vocals, which reach for levels that they really can’t, making the whole thing sound less like an honest cry and more like someone trying really hard to hit notes that aren’t meant to be hit by a dude.  Maybe it’s the overtly longer-than-average songs, which make the whole CD sort of blend together, and I can’t really tell any of them apart.  I don’t know for sure.

It’s definitely got some potential in there, but there’s a lot that is keeping Perfect Future from getting all the way there.  I know I’m iffy when it comes to bands like this, but at the same time it takes a lot to rise above the school of all sorts of other bands doing the same thing and the same ambient and intricately-worked post-punk/hardcore sound.  Hopefully next try, these three guys will hit that mark.


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One Response to Random Record Review – Perfect Future, “S/T”

  1. sncl says:

    this was co-released on sncl in the UK.

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