Random Record Review – Friends Of Friends, “Deep Search”

Friends Of Friends

Deep Search

self-released (2009)

I like this.  Quite a lot, actually.  Deep Search by Friends Of Friends is guitar-driven punk with the right amount of rock ‘n roll sensibility there to keep it from falling into really bad cliches.  The press release for this compares the band to Archers Of Loaf, and that jangly guitar/cynical but humorous attitude is definitely coming through here strong.  The CD seems to lag a little bit in the middle after an amazingly strong start, but it picks up by the end of the album.

Friends Of Friends have a nice fresh sound that isn’t totally world-shattering, but these days you don’t always want that.  You want something that gets you, if not pumping your fist in the air, then definitely bobbing your head and singing along as you walk down beat-up streets in the winter, which of course everyone knows is really the best way to enjoy anything.


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