Do you remember?

I went by my college today to talk to someone about something academic-related and found this;


It’s the somewhat infamous Doonesbury strip (in two sections) where Trudeau listed, as of at that point in 2004, the names of US soldiers who had died fighting in the Iraq War, one of several controversial moments in the history of the strip.

I’m an incredible nerd that I felt the need to document coming across a copy of the strip, something that outside of the journalistic, cartooning, comic, and probably the political worlds, didn’t really have any sort of lasting impact.  Even in those spheres it didn’t really do anything that dramatically altered the state of Doonesbury or comic strips in general.  I just thought it was cool to come across a sighting of further proof of the power of newspaper comic strips and the resolve of GB Trudeau to produce the kind of art he wants, and censorship and the limits of cartooning/comics be damned.


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