Random Record Review(s) – Esprit De Corps, Balance And Composure


Esprit De Corps

Under Constant Influence EP

self-released (2009)

I used to know what “esprit de corps” meant.  I studied French for a long time in high school and college.  Of course, a steady diet of beers and chicken fingers and cupcakes will wipe that aspect of your brain clean pretty quick.  Anyway…

I’m going to forget that the press release for Esprit De Corps‘s album mentions the band’s usage of a keytar.  Setting that 80’s-laced little fact aside, this is pretty sweet music.  Angular, frantic, sarcastic, dissonant, but still melodic and almost uplifting at times, it’s a great slice of raw musical talent coming together highlighting mature punk rock that hasn’t taken the safe musical route after getting sick of aping Anti-Flag records.

Though on the surface they don’t really sound that similar, Esprit De Corps remind me in a way of Latterman, who managed to keep the whoa-oh’s and singalongs without devolving into bro-core and mindless slogan chants.  It’s that sort of small-scale but still significant groundbreaking in independent music that I really like and appreciate.


Balance And Composure

Only Boundaries EP

No Sleep Records (2009)


No Sleep manages to totally punk me again, tho after them being how I discovered the great band The Wonder Years, I shouldn’t really be surprised.

Balance And Composure are really good.  They’re not reinventing the musical wheel or whatever, but the Only Boundaries EP is a fast-paced, pop-influenced record that I will definitely be keeping around and spinning a lot more.  You should too.  Which of course would mean you’d have to get your hands on it, which you should.


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5 Responses to Random Record Review(s) – Esprit De Corps, Balance And Composure

  1. kimberly mora says:

    love love love balance & composure. tx for the tip!

  2. Allen Alders says:

    no worries about the keytar, mate. seen these guys live, definitely not 80’s laced at all!

  3. Guy Metzger says:

    You’ve done it again. Great article.

  4. If only more than 29 people would read about this!

  5. Autumn Trent says:

    fistfightatthearthouse.wordpress.com’s done it again! Superb post.

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