Random Record Reivew(s) – Empire! Empire!, Sleep Bellum Sonno


Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)

What It takes To Move Forward

Count Your Lucky Stars (2009)

This band could be really really incredible.  Ambient and soft without falling into the spinelessness and limpid end of the emo pool that swallows a lot of other similar bands, E! E! instead manage to maintain a bit of an edge with occasionally upbeat and uplifting guitars that are jangling and ripping at you in a very cool bittersweet way.

My only real complaints?  No one really needs an 8-minute long song.  Also, the vocals occasionally got on my nerves when it came down to whispering and almost-talking out the lyrics in what I’m assuming is meant to be emotionally heartfelt but just sounds off-tune, though when vocalist Keith Latinen just lets go and straight-up wails on that mic, it’s way better.  If you’re interested in mature and thoughtful indie/emo, then definitely check out E! E!, this album is something I’ll be keeping around.


Sleep Bellum Sonno

Judge Us By How We Lived Our Lives Not By How We Made our Living

self-released (2009)

OK.  So, from what I understand, Judge Us… is basically a concept album about a family falling apart, telling the story from a different point of view with each song.

I have to admit I’m super-duper iffy about ideas like this.  Even Zen Arcade is a monster that’s handled carefully through occasional listens, as amazing as that concept album is.  But anyway…

Lyrical content notwithstanding, Sleep Bellum Sonno give an almost twisted soul take, not unlike These Arms Are Snakes, to angular post-hardcore influenced rock.  I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly.  It sounds a little confused and unsure, like the band don’t know if they want to be Sparta or just emulate their favorite soul and 70’s rock records.  While I don’t like it, it’s not BAD per se in terms of content, it just sounds to me like SBS are trying too hard.


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  1. empire empire album is also being released on vinyl in the UK at: http://sncl.collective-zine.co.uk

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