Random Record Review – Carcrashlander, “Where To Swim”


Where To Swim

Parks And Records (2009)

It’s like an indie-esque lounge record, basically.  And I guess if you’re into that sort of almost free-form folk/indie rock with horns and keys interlaced with the guitars, then go for it.  Otherwise, I have to say that Carcrashlander‘s album is a little bit forgettable, less an album and more a free-for-all list of tracks that came out of random experimentation.  Tracks that unfortunately, all seem to just meld into one long song after a while.

At one point while listening to this I really did forgot what song I was on, and not in the good way.  There’s potential, but it’d need a lot of tightening up music and lyric-wise to become an actual “album” as opposed to just a collection of songs, or an ambient background soundtrack.  I understand the need for openness in music to allow for creativity, but unfortunately, it didn’t really work out here.


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