So I’m bored and since it’s October and almost that magical Halloween, I have decided to have a little contest.  Here’s how it goes;

Write a short paragraph about what is your favorite Halloween memory, and send it to me via email at;

costakout (at) gmail (dot) com

Be sure to include “Halloween Contest Entry” in the subject line.

The ones I like the most and think are the most entertaining, I will post on here for everyone else to read. and the ultimate winner will get a care package of some random CD’s from the likes of Title Fight, The Reptilian, Shuteye Unison and Esprit De Corps,  which I have layin’ around the apartment.


Pretty sweet, right?  I know, I’m stoked about it too.

Anyway, it starts today and will run for a week.  Have fun, don’t be ashamed to admit to really embarrassing stuff, and GET READY FOR THE THUNDER!!


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Writer. College professor.
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