The Get Up Kids reunion – The Filmore @ Irving, Halloween NYC 2009

The weather was wet and shitty as rain fell on and off, and the humidity was wreaking havoc on the world.  It was dark and gloomy, the perfect weather for Halloween, in hindsight.  At the time, it just soaked a lot of shitty costumes we saw on people trying to flag down cabs.

It didn’t matter though.  And you know why?  Because my girlfriend and I were trudging into Manhattan to Irving Plaza (apparently though now called “The Filmore at Irving Plaza”, but whatever), to go see a reunion of The Get Up Kids.

Also on the bill for the evening were Kevin Devine (who was wearing a wig, dress, and fake breasts…he got fondled by the Get Up Kids), and some band called The Life We Live or something like that, but we didn’t get to see them.  Briefly running into artist/video game guru Allan Norico and his girlfriend (who was dressed as Kim Pine from Scott Pilgrim), we headed upstairs to see the band.

I forgot how small Irving Plaza is, I haven’t been there in a while and for some reason in my mind it was almost as large inside as the Hammerstein Ballroom or Terminal 5.

There appeared to be a Wizard of Oz theme for the night, which of course meant that there was lots of Munchin songs that creeped me out.  Like, a lot.  Before and during the set.  But it’s OK, because I saw one of my all-time favorite bands that I NEVER thought I’d ever see perform live, with the girl of my dreams, on one of the greatest nights of the year.

The band, all dressed up as various Wizard Of Oz characters, not only sounded spot-freaking-on, and played the whole of Something To Write Home About through, which was amazing.  The mid-set rendition of “I’ll Catch You” was pretty sweet, and life doesn’t get better than that, let me tell you.  They also played “Man Of Conviction” off of Guilt Show, one of my favorite songs (I’m pretty sure I scared the shit out of everyone around me when I started screaming and dancing when that song came on), and a few great songs off of On A Wire.

It does seem a lot that these days that those 90’s bands are reuniting for tours and records and whatnot (I think that Jawbox reuniting for one night in December for Jimmy Fallon’s show is going to be the pinnacle of that).

I know to someone more jaded might think this is basically a train of bands cashing in on guys like me who either miss those bands or didn’t get a chance to see them on tour when they were initially around, but you what?  I didn’t give a shit.

I had the time of my life.  Tessa and I are huge fans of the Get Up Kids, listening to them around the apartment is almost an event.  This was the best Halloween ever, managing to top last year when we saw Bruce Campbell.


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