random comic review – “The Abortion”

A silent one-shot from a couple of guys from Glasgow (that’s in Scotland!), The Abortion (available from Lulu.com) certainly isn’t pulling any punches.

I have to say that doing an entirely silent whole issue of comics is a pretty ambitious move.  Every single panel in a case like that has to be portraying abortioncoverSOMETHING active, because you don’t have any dialogue to fall back on to fill in gaps in action, movement, and story.

Anyway, while a little confused as I read this, I have to say that I liked it.  Little kids and stuff like that are the ultimate horror lynchpin, along with dolls they’re what really scare the shit out of me.  Because they’re tiny and make weird noises and have strange faces, how are they NOT scary?

From what I can gather, an aborted fetus manages to revive itself and “come home”, as it were.

My only complaint here is that the beginning of the story is a little unclear.  I feel like there’s supposed to be a time jump of sorts but I don’t know, there aren’t even non-dialogue captions in this book.  Also, the end does appear to be a little odd, an almost black humor moment after what was meant to be a very dark and suspensful story.

Other than that though, it’s a pretty sweet horror one-shot that’ll get you looking over your shoulder and at the ground a few times, just to make sure your last-semester-of-college bad decision didn’t follow you home.


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