random comic review – “Luna Park”

lunapark_COVER Haunting.

Luna Park is incredibly haunting.  I thought I knew what was going to happen in this love-streaked tragedy, but then it all changed, and I had to seriously sit and think about it to get it.

A young man who escaped Russian for the US and ended up unhappily acting as an enforcer for a local mob boss.  His fortune-telling, card-reading girlfriend who’se been bought and sold by several of the same mob bosses.  The American dream, and a curse that weaves its way throughout history as the two lovers hatch a plan to escape…

Zezelj’s art is amazing here.  It’s multi-colored, but also hazy and almost smudged, giving it a sense not only of surrealism but also of that quiet defeat that marks many of the lives that are touched upon in this book.

One of the weirdest/most interesting things I got out of this?  For some reason, it makes me think about my own Eastern European heritage.  I know geographically speaking, Greece is nowhere near Russia.  Still, there are a few similarities, enough to make me look at some of the flashbacks and mentions of immigration in the early 20th century and think that if you just change a few words here and there, it could have easily been a young Greek man there in love with a girl from the homeland, desperate to escape the pit of crime and despair he’s in.

I just really like this whole thing, from the hardcover packaging under the slipcover, the almost Grecian or Shakespearean tragedy of the story, the incredible art…Luna Park just amazes me.  Books don’t always do that for me.  A lot of Vertigo titles do though, from breath-taking moments in DMZ to the epic clash of 100 Bullets and now, the very end of Luna Park that took me a minute to finally figure out…

Anyway, yeah, so this is an amazing book.  I don’t want to spoil too much here, but if you’re looking for something amazing and tragic and different, pick this up.


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