Be Seeing You…

Well, I didn’t hate it.

AMC’s “The Prisoner” miniseries wrapped up on Tuesday, and I have to say, it wasn’t bad.

It thankfully didn’t veer into any sort of badly-veiled analog for “the War on Terror” and knowing that it couldn’t replicate the original 60’s series, had an appropriately trippy concept.  The ending was sort of epic and a little bittersweet, and I particularly liked it.  Even as I thought I figured it out it still was a great “oomph” moment.

I know a lot of people automatically have the knee-jerk reaction against this because it’s not the original series.  I have to admit, I haven’t seen all of the original series.

Unfortunately, it was too short.  I really thought that if this was a proper TV series with a dozen episodes of an hour each, it could have been spot-on amazing.  As it was, limited to 6 hours total, it’s pretty cool.

Confusing at times, but overall, pretty cool.


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