What Is The Shield?

Found out Jonathan Hickman‘s new project for Marvel, and I have to admit, it sounds amazing.  This teaser image alone looks totally rad.

From CBR;

On today’s episode of G4TV’s Attack of the Show,  Blair Butler revealed writer Jonathan Hickman’s next project will be Shield, a miniseries that will reach far into the past of the Marvel Universe.

In Shield, Hickman will team with artist Dustin Weaver (Star Wars, King Kong) to chronicle how some of the greatest figures in history worked to protect the Earth from Galactus and other interstellar threats.

Marvel teased the announcement this morning: “They’ve been around since the dawn of time. … how do they impact the past, present and future of the Marvel Universe?”

Hickman, whose work includes The Nightly News and Fantastic Four, says Shield “feels like the best thing I’ve done.” The comic debuts in April 2010.


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